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Power Wheels Diagrams (Sorted by Description)

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300HS 76108
Adventure 78457
Aftershock 74270
Arctic CAT Camo L7825
Arctic Cat - Girls CCG93
Arctic CAT L2170
Arctic CAT Red RFSH TRU P8814
Arctic Cat X0073
Arctic Cat Y6534
AT REX M7873
AT REX N0457
Ballet Barbie 6 volt 4 amp Hour 76104
Ballet Barbie 73680
Ballet Barbie 73689
Barbie 12V Dune Beetle B3162
Barbie Beach Cruiser 76821
Barbie Beach Party (before 3-12-07) H4433
Barbie Beach Party H4433 (after 3-12-07)  H4433
Barbie Beach Patrol 74563
Barbie Beach Patrol HE 74560
Barbie Beach Patrol Non 74560
Barbie Beach Ranger 78477
Barbie Beach Ranger 78478
Barbie Beach Ranger B2489
Barbie Cadillac Escalade J5246
Barbie Corvette 76182
Barbie Corvette 76184
Barbie Corvette BFY96
Barbie Cruisin' Tunes 74340
Barbie Dune Racer Y9367
Barbie Escalade N1475
Barbie Escalade W6203
Barbie Escalade W6205
Barbie Harley After 3-4-02 74370
Barbie Harley Before 3-4-02 74370
Barbie Jammin Jeep (WM) Y8409
Barbie Jammin Jeep BBF04
Barbie Jammin Jeep CBF64
Barbie Jammin Jeep H3427
Barbie Jammin Jeep Refresh L7820
Barbie Jammin Jeep Refresh T4871
Barbie Jammin Jeep T8396

Barbie Jammin Jeep V2503
Barbie Jammin Jeep W1866
Barbie Jammin Jeep W4473
Barbie Jammin Jeep with Bonus Barbie W1652
Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler DTC CBJ38
Barbie Jammin Jeep X3418
Barbie Jammin Jeep X6642
Barbie Jammin Jeep X6834
Barbie Jazzy Jeep B2077
Barbie Jeep Blitz X0072
Barbie Jeep Lil Wrangler T1961
Barbie Jeep WM Blitz X6655
Barbie Jeep Wrangler X2248
Barbie KFX Ninja Y8637
Barbie KFX P5066
Barbie KFX P8013
Barbie KFX W4715
Barbie KFX X6651
Barbie Lamborghini 1998 Restage 78580
Barbie Lamborghini 78580
Barbie Lamborghini 78660
Barbie Lamborghini-INTL 78583
Barbie Lamborghini-INTL 78663
Barbie Lamborgini After 6-9-98 78580
Barbie Lamborgini Before 6-9-98 78580
Barbie Lil Beach Buggy 74760
Barbie Lil Quad CDY13
Barbie Lil Quad N3460
Barbie Lil Quad W6215
Barbie Lil Trail Rider 77767
Barbie Mustang L6349
Barbie Mustang P8812
Barbie Princess Lil Quad N2892
Barbie Smart Car T5407
Barbie Songbird 76980
Barbie Songbird-Europe 76981
Barbie Splash 74350
Barbie Splash 74351
Barbie Splash 74353
Barbie Sport Jeep 74388
Barbie Sport Mobile 74557
Barbie Sport Restage 74558
Barbie Sun Jammer-INTL 76963
Barbie Surf N Fun 1998 74518
Barbie Trail Rider 78475
Barbie Trail Rider 78476
Barbie Trail Rider J7826
Barbie Trailrider Refresh B2008
Barbie Tropical Splash 78470
Barbie Beach Ranger B1675
Barbie™ Volkswagen® Dune New Beetle H0150
Barbie VW Beetle P6830
Barbie VW Blitz (Walmart) M3865
Barbie VW New Beetle X3414
Barbie Wrangler N9732
Batman Lil Quad M5728
Batman Lil Quad M7246
Batman Lil Quad X0075
Batman Trailrider P8990

Beach Buggy 73248
Big Foot 78670
Big Jake 74550
Big Jake 74553
Bigfoor 76249
Bigfoot 74420
Bigfoot-INTL 78643
Bigfoot-INTL 78673
Black Corvette CBK90
Black Corvette Full Diagram BGW46
Blue Corvette Full Diagram X6639
Blue Harley After 2-25-02 73210
Blue Jeep Wrangler H4803 H4804-US/H4804-CAN
Blue Thunder Monster Truck J5244
Boss Mustang W9257
Boys Dune Racer BCV59
Boys Mustang P8195
Boys Mustang Restage P5920
Brute Force Camo (Bass Pro) R8548
Brute Force Full Diagram X6646
Brute Force Diagram X6646
Brute Force R8126
Bubble Tractor 75320
Butterfly Princess 78550
Butterfly Princess 78553
CAT Tough Loader 73260
Cadillac Escalade Barbie Refresh M0409
Cadillac Escalade-Boys W9417
Cadillac Escalade H0438
Cadillac Escalade H0440
Cadillac Escalade Refresh L7824
Cadillac Escalade TRU Refresh M0410
Camo Dune Racer CBC58
Camo Dune Racer CBP84
Camo Lil Quad X3050
Camo Lil Quad Y5267
Camp Barbie 74780
Cartoon Network 77565
Caterpillar 78656
Caterpillar Jr 78600
Chevy Silverado (after 3-24-2003) B1476
Chevy Silverado (before 3-24-2003) B1476
Chevy Truck 74310
City Slammin' Silverado H0128
Classic Chrome Harley H0638
Classic Chrome Harley H0638
Classic_Chrome_Harley H4808
Copper Wrangler 2001 75840
Corvette Super 76176
Corvette Yellow Full Diagram CJB09
Craftsman Truck K3033
Cruisin Tunes Restage 77770
Cycle Sound Pro 250 76115
Deluxe Black Corvette Full Diagram BGW47
Deluxe Jeep Wrangler CBG65
Diego Lil Quad K4565
Diego Jeep Blitz (Walmart) M3864
Diego_Jeep_Wrangler K9758
Diego_Jeep_Wrangler-TRU K4564
Disney Frozen Ford Mustang CLK46
Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler CLD96
Disney Princess Tot Rod R2510
Dodge RAM Truck 73520
Dora 10th Jeep Wrangler T6137
Dora 10th Jeep Wrangler T7297
Dora Jeep Wrangler H4435
Dora Jeep Wrangler H4436
Dora Lil Quad 10th Ani V3710
Dora Lil Quad J7825
Dora Lil Quad V4343
Dora Lil Quad Y8639
Dora Quad H7332
Dora the Explorer Volkswagen New Beetle L1114
Dora_Jeep_Wrangler-TRU.pdf K4563
Dream Carriage 74260
Driveway Racer H2836
Dune After 8-15-95 74570
Dune Before 8-15-95 74570
Dune Racer CBK89
Dune Racer W2602
Dune Racer WMT Y6533
Eliminator 73180
Escalade Hybrid M9780
Escalade N8417
Escalade N9522
Extreme Machine UK 74791
Extreme Machine-CAN/MEX 74793
Firerock Jeep Wrangler P5063
Fire Rescue Jeep B0155
Fire Truck 76190
Fire Truck 76246
Firetruck (TRU) M1350
Firerock 73610
Ford F150 74210
Ford F150 C3493
Ford F-150 Craftsman M9779
Ford F150 Extreme Sport CDF54
Ford F150 K8285
Ford F150 Raptor W1070
Ford F-150 T6991
Ford F-150 T8786
Ford F150 TRU L6348
Ford F150 W0029
Ford F150 W0030
Ford F150 - Blue (WM) CDF53
Ford F150 - Girls Camo BCV58
Ford FLashback 4x4 75547
Ford Off Road 4x4 75548
Ford Raptor Red X6647
GI Joe Tracker 76107
GPZ 450 75560
Get Set Go! Kart J4030
Get Set Go! Kart M5130
Girls Dune Racer BCK89
Girls Firerock Jeep Wrangler T1964
Girl's Harley Restage B9784
Girls Mustang P6827
Girls Mustang R9543
Gravedigger H0436
Green Volkswagon B1512
Guide N Drive Cycle 74280
Guide and Drive Cycle 74283
Handy Manny F-150 R1500
Handy Manny Tot Rod T3260
Harley 75200 75201 75202 75203, 75201, 75202 and 75203
Harley Davidson 74290
Harley Davidson Before 2-25-02 73210
Harley Davidson Cruiser B3160
Harley after 6-10-02 73218
Harley before 6-10-02 73218
Harley Cruiser M0412
Harley-Davidson 74293
Harley Rocker X0067
Hawk 74537
Highway Patrol 78570
Highway Patrol-INTL 78573
Hollywood Minnie 78480
Home Depot Mighty Loader 73268
Home Depot Mighty Loader 73268
Hot Shot 76126
Hot Wheels Jeep BBF03
Hot Wheels Jeep Blitz W6199
Hot Wheels Jeep CBG61
Hot Wheels Jeep DTC CBJ37
Hot Wheels Jeep Walmart X6833
Hot Wheels Jeep W9418
Hot Wheels Jeep WM Blitz X6656
Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler X2247
Hot Wheels Jeep Y8638
Hot Wheels KFX W4716
Hot Wheels KFX W6211
Hot Wheels Lamborghini 74580
Hot Wheels VW Beetle (Kmart) P5921
Hot Wheels VW Beetle N3964
Hurricane T3264
HW Dune Racer W6201
HW Dune Racer W6204
HW Jeep Blitz WM X0071
International Sun Jamm.pdf 76960
Jake Lil Quad BCG69
Jeep 1989 76206
Jeep 4x4 78606
Jeep 73243
Jeep 76817
Jeep Adventure 74450
Jeep Adventure 74453
Jeep Aftershock 74273
Jeep B1501
Jeep Blitz N9356
Jeep Blitz R8932
Jeep Commando 78607
Jeep Commando After 8-17-95 76820
Jeep Commando Before 8-17-95 76820
Jeep Enforcer After 3-22-98 74460
Jeep Enforcer Before 3-21-98 74460
Jeep Enforcer Jr 74547
Jeep Hurricane (TRU) Y6239
Jeep Hurricane Rust N2273
Jeep Hurricane X6645
Jeep Jr 4x4 76131
Jeep Jr 74240
Jeep Jr 76135
Jeep Laredo 76247
Jeep Lil Wrangler.pdf J0713
Jeep Renegade 76222
Jeep Rubicon DTC CBY68
Jeep Rubicon N1476
Jeep Rubicon N3089
Jeep Rubicon Red BGN14
Jeep Safari 76229
Jeep Sahara 76819
Jeep SandBlaster Sam's Club 74526
Jeep Wrangler (revised) H4807
Jeep Wrangler 1998 78490
Jeep Wrangler 2000 78537
Jeep Wrangler 74020
Jeep Wrangler 74440
Jeep Wrangler 76235
Jeep Wrangler 76248
Jeep Wrangler 78493
Jeep Wrangler BCK85
Jeep Wrangler C2390
Jeep Wrangler Restage B7659 US / Canada B7660
Jeep Wrangler-Europe 78491
Jeep Wrangler. H4805
Jeep_Hurricane-Blue J4394
Jeep_Hurricane-Green K7112
Kawasaki Adventure 4x4 w/Trailer B9785 US/B9820-CAN
Kawasaki Brute Force J5248
Kawasaki Brute Force N9731
Kawasaki C7478
Kawasaki KFX B9272
Kawasaki KFX Ninja Extreme H9800
Kawasaki KFX Ninja J8472
Kawasaki KFX Ninja K0450
Kawasaki KFX W6213
Kawasaki KFX X3416
Kawasaki KFX X6641
Kawasaki Lil Quad W6214
Kawasaki Ninja 74110
Kawasaki Ninja 74111
Kawasaki Ninja 74113
Kawasaki Ninja 74593
Kawasaki Ninja UK 74112
Kawasaki Teryx Y2484
Kawasaki ZX7 78410
Kawasaki ZX7 78543
KFX W5540
Lawn Tractor DTC CBX26
Lightning 73530 G5107
Lightning Instruction Sheet 73530
Lightning McQueen H8256
Lightning McQueen W2604
Lightning McQueen W5542
Lightning McQueen X3417
Lil Barbie Trail Rider K0451
Lil Coyote 76298
Lil Dune Racer Y5014
Lil F150 X0069
Lil Ford F150 P5064
Lil Ford F150 X3415
Lil Harley Motorcycle 74230
Lil Harley Motorcycle B1503
Lil Harley X6222
Lil Jake 78560
Lil Jake 78563
Lil Jeep-Blue.pdf C0729
Lil Jeep-Pink.pdf C0727
LIL Lighting McQueen T3639
Lil Lightning McQueen W2603
Lil Lightning McQueen W5541
Lil Lightning McQueen Y8640
Lil KFX K0452
Lil Kawasaki 1999 76920
Lil Kawasaki 2000 76921
Lil Kawasaki 2002 77768
Lil Kawasaki 75520
Lil Kawasaki 76940
Lil Kawasaki 76940
Lil Kawasaki 77443
Lil Kawasaki Premium 76937
Lil Kawasaki Red 77440
Lil Kawasaki-INTL 76943
Lil Kawasaki X3421
Lil Quad 2002 77760
Lil Quad 74380
Lil Quad Pink (Target) N8379
Lil Quad Restage M7331
Lil Safari 76136
Lil Safari 76141
Lil Sand Blaster 74770
Lil Sun Jammer 74765
Lil Suzuki 6 volt 4 Amp Hour 76089
Lil Suzuki 73560
Lil Suzuki 74504
Lil Suzuki Internation 73569
Lil Wrangler 74598
Limited Edition Harley 74298
Limited Edition Jeep Wrangler 75598
Little People Tot Rod G2580
Little People Tot Rod H4793
LP Toddler School Bus N8415
Mater V4100
Max Steel Ninja B8551
Mermaid Barbie 73670
Mickey Mobile 74510
Mickey Patrol 77410
Mickey Roadster 78610
Mickey Roadster-INTL 78613
Military Jeep W0028
Minibike 73535 G4647 B2222 G4882
Minnie Lil Quad Y4997
Minnie Mobile 74850
Minnie Mouse 2 Seat Jeep BBM95
Mickey Mouse Tot Rod V3299
Minnie Mouse VW X9218
Minnie Roadster 78620
Minnie Roadster-INTL 78623
Mojave 250 78473
Monster 4x4 76174
Monster Bigfoot 78640
Monster Racing Truck 76807
Monster Racing Truck 78471
Mustang (Red) J4390
Mustang-Blue_TRU J9561
Mustang-Pearl_TRU J9562
My First Craftsman K3033
My First Roadster 76970
My First Roadster 76973
My First Craftsman Full Diagram BBM94
My_First_Craftsman K3034
Nascar Dale Earnhardt Jr L6345
Nascar Jeff Gordon L7822
Nascar Jimmie Johnson L7821
Nascar Tony Stewart L7823
Ninja 1998 74750
Ninja 74590
Ninja 74753
Ninja On or After 1/26/04 73690
Ninja before 1/26/04 73690
Ninja-INTL 74591
Orange Boss Mustang Y8208
Pink Harley Rocker T4869
Pink Tot Rod M0411
Police Harley 74287
Porsche Turbo 76822
Princess Lil Quad X3051
Princess Mustang Y8812
Princess Tot Rod T5427
Princess Trailrider R1502
Pro 250 76118
Purple Escalade X3419
Quad 350 76188
Racer Kart C0532
Raider 74530
Raider 74530
Rally Kart C0530
Ready Set GO! Kart (TRU) B0263
Ready Set Go! Kart 76790
Ready Set Go! Kart 78780
Recon 76114
Red Corvette X6218
Red Kawasaki Lil Quad Y1773
Red KFX P9723
Red KFX R3142
Ride/Drive 76953
Rock And Roll 76950
Sand Blaster 78650
Sand Blaster-INTL 78653
Sandblaster 78608
Sawblade 75597
Smart Car P2896
Snake Bite 76173
Songbird 2000 76922
Songbird 76983
Special Barbie Corvette 73236
Special Edition Jeep Wrangler 75598
Spongebob Go Kart CJG73
Sport Tracker ATV G4626
State Trooper 73241
Stinger P4266
Street Scene Silverado G3740
Sun Jammer 76960
Sun Jammer Phase 2 76960
Sun Jewel 74525
Super Flash 76112
Super Shock Before 6/24/04 73600
Super Shock after 6/24/04 73600
Super Sound Jeep 74543
Super Sound Jeep After 7-24-95 74540
Super Sound Jeep Before 7-24-95 74540
Super Sound Jeep-INTL 78606
Super Vette 76181
Surf n Fun 74517
Suzuki 93-INTL 78683
Suzuki Quad 76262
Suzuki Quad Racer 73249
Suzuki Quad Racer 76816
Suzuki Quad Racer 78680
Suzuki Quad Sport 78605
Suzuki Quad Sport 78630
Suzuki Quad Sport-INTL 78633
Sweet Pea 1987 76091
Sweet Pea 1991 76092
SweetPea 76103
Sweetheart 76128
Target Red KFX T4872
Thomas Toddler CHN00
Thomas Toddler T4963
Thomas Toddler T5169
Thomas with Bonus Track BCK94
Thomas with Track Full Diagram BCK92
TMNT Dune Racer BCV57
TMNT Lil Dune Racer CDY12
TMNT Lil Quad CBG71
Toddler School Bus M1349
Tough Talkin Jeep DTC CBY70
Tough Talking Jeep T6138
Tough Talking Jeep T7298
Toy Story 3 Tot Rod V3298
Toy Story Lil Quad CHN01
Toy Story lil quad T5003
TRU Blue Bigfoot 78474
TRU Blue Jeep Wrangler 78538
TRU Lil Kawasaki 76990
Trail Beast 74527
Truck 3493 F150
Turbo Vette 76803
VW Barbie Beetle W6209
VW Beetle After 11-04-01 73510
VW Beetle After 11-04-01 73517
VW Beetle Before 11-04-01 73510
VW Beetle Before 11-04-01 73517
Volkswagen Beetle C3491
Wild Thing 74180
Wrangler 74441
Wrangler Phase 2 78490
Xtreme Machine 74790
XC 150 76125