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What is PACOJET?
In the United States, many chefs know Pacojet for the fantastic ice cream and sorbet it can produce. In Europe they also use Pacojet to create soups, sauces, pate's, terrines, mousse, herb oil's and more. What PACOJET produces is fresher, natural in taste, vibrant in color and intense in aroma. Pacojet is faster, and more profitable than any mixer, cutter or blender. That’s because it is MORE than that - it’s a Pacojet!

What does PACOJET do?
Turns fresh, deep-frozen foods into purees and mousse without defrosting. No egg whites, gelatines, preservatives and binders are necessary. No additives or preservatives, no taste enhancers are required. You control the fat and/or sugar content. The original flavor and the color of fresh food remains full and vibrant.

Process exactly the amount you want. You can then return the unprocessed portion to the freezer for later use. This eliminates both waste and potential bacteria. It's easy to operate and easy to clean.

How does PACOJET work?
Fresh ingredients within a liquid base (juice, cream, oil) are frozen at -4°F (-20°C) in the chromium steel beakers. Each beaker holds about 1 quart (1 liter). After selecting the desired number of portions, the special blade shaves the frozen food, directly in its frozen state, without defrosting, which results in sorbet, ice cream and mousse which is ready to serve. It takes seconds and the unused portion is returned to the freezer for later use - no waste. It’s that simple.


  • No straining or pureeing. 90% savings in time.
  • No defrosting means no egg whites, gelatines, preservatives or binders required.
  • The original, natural flavor and color of fresh food is reatained and even intensified.
  • Process the exact amount you want with no waste. 40% cost reduction.
  • Cleaning takes two minutes!
  • 15 liters of ice cream (15 different flavors) in one hour
  • Be different, your creations cannot be duplicated.

Too good to be true?
Ask anyone who owns a Pacojet. We are sure there will be someone you know that has one and they will gladly tell you how great Pacojet is! You can also
give us a call at (631) 499-3355 x21. Ask for Scott.

Technical Specifications

For Pacojet no quanitity is too big or too small.

Makes one portion (approx 3.5 fl oz) in 20 seconds or the entire beaker
(1 litre / 1.2 quarts) in less than 4 minutes.

In one hour Pacojet can make up to:

  • 15 litres of ice creams or sorbets in 15 different flavors
  • 15 kg of fine farce for pâtés, terrines, fluffy mousses
  • 15 kg herb or spice concentrate for sauces oils etc. or
  • 150 portions of soups in 15 varieties